ZiPos easy to use point of sales system, allows in the shortest possible time to organize the sales for your small business and get a full report on incoming and sold goods. The main advantages are ease of use and ease of setup and compatibility with QuickBooks and Excel (or other editor of tables). Our product is evolving every day and it gradually introduces new features, while maintaining ease of use. But even today, you can download and install it on your cash register new sales system. Setup will take 20-30 minutes and you will get a configured and ready-to-use multi-function software package, and at the end of this day, you will be able to see how many and what products were sold. We are always happy to help you with advice or help to configure the package for your cash. When setting up do not deviate from instructions.

Download ZiPos point of sales.

We invite you to join the closed testing. To joining, please Download product and test it.

Function ZiPos.

– Import of product database store from QuickBooks and Excel, doing a full update of the database quick and easy.
– Export sales reports for a selected period, you can order the necessary goods.
– Export of reports on receipts of goods for a selected period that allows control of the mutual settlements with suppliers.
– Ability to use multiple barcodes to a single product.
– The possibility of a quick sale, you only need to specify price and quantity.
– Read barcode for weight products.
– Individual taxes for each product (optional).
– Use images in lists and on product panels, minimizes the error of the cashier.
– Intuitive interface is easily mastered by new employees.
– Easy image add for products.

ZiPos Point of Sale ShopingCart window: Complete sale within 5 clicks.

ZiPos main window. Show function descroption.

Minimum actions to make a sale.
Quick edit product.
The ability to use multiple barcodes to a single product.
The cashier can do discounts on certain goods.
Fast selling without specifying the name of the product.

ZiPos Day Log. Sales and receipt reports. Easy report export.

ZiPos Day Log window. Show function descroption.

A detailed report of the day is always at hand.
The sales report of items for a selected period, you can order the goods sold from suppliers.
The Receive report for the selected period, allows to control received quantity and bills.
Export reports, greatly simplifies the ordering of products. It is sufficient to remove the excess from the table, and can be sent to suppliers for ordering.

ZiPos Item Receive. Only 3 actions for item receive.

Easy reception of the goods, you just need only 2 steps, scan bar code and specify the amount
A quick search on menu for items with new or not found barcode.

ZiPos Item Receive window. Show function descroption.

List of products in your store. Even visually you will always see the negative position.

Search by Barcode, vendor, title or partial description.
Easy management of all product attributes.

ZiPos Items window. Show function descroption.

!For the same product can be listed multiple bar codes, bar codes must be specified separated by commas. If different products have the same bar code will be shown first from product list.