Point of sale for small grocery stores.

Our solution fully meets the highest requirements of a retail store and can be adapted to the customer’s personal needs at any time.
The annual profit growth after installing our Point of Sales can be up to 5% -15%.

Enjoy all the benefits of ZiPOS!

Why you should start using the Cash Register software now

Our cash register software will help you make your store better and earn more, how?

  • We help save your employees time.
  • ZiPOS will allow you to use less experienced employees.
  • Full details and accounting of transactions at any time.
  • Detailed reports that will help you better understand: which products are selling better, at what time the store is loaded more, and much more.

A standard set of cash register software required for any retail store:

  • Accepting cash and cards.
  • Arrival, consumption and return of items.
  • Select the payment method, by card or cash.
  • Sale at a free price, it is enough to enter the Price of the product and specify the category.
  • Print a product receipt with a list of products or services, as well as a payment method.

Standard operations are usually sufficient for basic automation of the cash register software in small retail, but we have expanded our Point of Sales with the additional functionality that we believe is necessary, listed below:

  • Select an item from the Favorites panel for a quick sale.
  • Automatic calculation of the price of the weight product.
  • Calculation of the purchase amount, taking into account the discount.
  • Mixed payment (cash + cards).
  • Save deferred receipts for forgetful customers.
  • Reports and sales statistics.
  • Online description search for a new products.
  • Stock balances reports.
  • Creating an purchase orders for vendors.

These options increase the cost of cash software, but they are not needed everywhere, so it is important to evaluate the feasibility of using them.

Point Of Sales for small grocery stores.
Point Of Sales

What you need to get started use Point Of Sales

Connect the printer and barcode scanner to your laptop or Windows PC and run the ZiPOS salesperson’s workstation on it. After the first launch, you can already use the product, and you do not need any additional settings.
The program detail settings are described at the link

For quick learning and a complete understanding of the functionality, we offer several video tutorials on setting up and using the ZiPOS cash register software.